Class SoVRVolFileReader

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    public class SoVRVolFileReader
    extends SoVolumeReader
    VOL file reader. VOL is a simple volume interchange format (see "Introduction to Volume Rendering", Lichtenbelt, Crane, Naqvi, 1998). The VolumeViz reader can load files containing 8- or 16-bit voxels.

    The following is a slightly simplified description of the VOL file format.

    All values in a VOL file are binary format, stored in "big-endian" order. In other words, values can used directly on most UNIX machines (SPARC, MIPS, PA-RISC, etc), but must be byte swapped on most Windows and Linux (X86) machines.

    A VOL file consists of a variable length header followed by data values. The VolumeViz reader looks at the first seven or ten header values (depending on the value of magicNumber). All values in the header are 4 bytes long and are 32 bit integer or float as listed below. The header contains the total length of the header in bytes and the data values begin at this offset in the file. Data values are either 1 or 2 bytes long (8- or 16- bit integers). Data values are stored as a stack of images, in other words Z slices (X increasing fastest, then Y, then Z).

    The header consists of:

    • magicNumber (int) should be 192837465 or 192837466
    • headerSize (int) in bytes
    • width (int) in voxels
    • height (int) in voxels
    • depth (int) in voxels
    • bitsPerVoxel (int) either 8 or 16 are valid
    • indexBits (int) not used

    If "magicNumber" equals 192837466 (decimal) then header also contains three scale factors used to define nonuniform voxel spacing:

    • scaleX (float)
    • scaleY (float)
    • scaleZ (float)
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        public SoVRVolFileReader()