Class SoVRVoxFileReader

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    public class SoVRVoxFileReader
    extends SoVolumeReader
    VOX file reader. Reader for TeraRecon ".vox" data files (vox1999 format).

    VOX is a volume interchange format defined by TeraRecon Inc. ( The VolumeViz reader can load "Vox1999a" files containing 8- or 16-bit voxels (first volume only).

    The following attributes are supported:

    • "Volume Size" which describes the size of the volume in voxels.
    • "Voxel Size" which describes the size of voxel data (only 8-bit and 16-bit are supported).
    • "Endian" which describes the endianness of the data (both little-endian and big-endian modes are supported).
    • "Volume Scale" which describes the volume of one voxel.
    • "Volume Position" which describes the origin position of the first voxel.

    Since Open Inventor 10.3, the following custom attributes are supported when specified in the "Field" descriptor:

    • Scale: Define a scaling to apply to data values.
    • Offset: Define an offset to apply to data values.

    If Scale and Offset are specified and are not exactly 1 and 0 respectively:

    • The actual data value will be : newValue = Scale * fileValue + Offset.
    • The volume data type is automatically changed to SIGNED_SHORT.
      This means that, even if the file is specified as unsigned 8 bit, the data will be loaded as signed 16 bit values.

    Other attributes have no effect on the reader and loaded data.

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      • SoVRVoxFileReader

        public SoVRVoxFileReader()