Open Inventor Release 2024.1.2
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Files to distribute

Licensing information

Your Open Inventor Development License entitles you to use the SDK to create and execute Open Inventor programs on the licensed machine. You may need an additional Run-Time license agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific allowing you to redistribute the Open Inventor run-time.

A run-time license is required for Open Inventor and each Open Inventor extension that is used by your application. The steps involved in setting up a run-time license are listed in the Licensing section.

Note that runtime licenses cannot unlock Open Inventor SDK installations. Runtime licenses fail to unlock Open Inventor based applications when:

  • One of the Open Inventor SDK directories doc, include (C++ only), arch*/lib (Windows only) or examples can be found on disk, or
  • The application is using OIV debug components or
  • An Open Inventor SDK installer has been used on the system

NOTE : If you have a master password agreement, other policies and practices apply relative to the disclosure and distribution of passwords. This information is provided in the materials that you receive with your master password.

Required Open Inventor files

The following documents gives the list of files (mostly library components) that should be embeded in the deployment of your application. The required files depends on the language used (C++, C# or Java) and the targeted operating system (Windows, Linux)