MiColorMapping< _TValue, _TColor > Class Template Reference

MeshViz Interface class defining a color mapping function. More...

#include <MeshVizXLM/mapping/interfaces/MiColorMapping.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~MiColorMapping ()
virtual _TColor getColor (_TValue value) const =0
virtual void getRange (_TValue &min, _TValue &max) const
virtual size_t getTimeStamp () const =0

Detailed Description

template<typename _TValue, typename _TColor>
class MiColorMapping< _TValue, _TColor >

MeshViz Interface class defining a color mapping function.

This abstract class specifies the interface used to map a value of a scalar data set to a color. It is used when displaying scalar data sets as colors.

In order to define a custom color mapping, create a class derived from this class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename _TValue, typename _TColor>
virtual MiColorMapping< _TValue, _TColor >::~MiColorMapping (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

template<typename _TValue, typename _TColor>
virtual _TColor MiColorMapping< _TValue, _TColor >::getColor ( _TValue  value  )  const [pure virtual]

Returns the color associated with the given value.

template<typename _TValue, typename _TColor>
virtual void MiColorMapping< _TValue, _TColor >::getRange ( _TValue &  min,
_TValue &  max 
) const [inline, virtual]

Returns the range of values for the colormap.

This method should be pure virtual, but, for compatibility reasons, it throws an exception instead.
template<typename _TValue, typename _TColor>
virtual size_t MiColorMapping< _TValue, _TColor >::getTimeStamp (  )  const [pure virtual]

Returns for this colormap a unique time stamp across all colormaps in the application.

When the content of the colormap changes, the time stamp must increase. The time stamp allows representations to identify this colormap and to be aware of any changes to it.

MxTimeStamp can be used to generate a valid time stamp.

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