QtTimer Class Reference
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#include <Inventor/ViewerComponents/Qt/QtTimer.h>

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SoSystemTimer SoRefCounter

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void startRequired ()
void stopRequired ()

Public Member Functions

 QtTimer ()
virtual void start ()
virtual void stop ()
virtual void setDelay (int time)
virtual bool isPending () const
virtual void setRepeat (bool flag)
virtual void setTask (SoSystemTimerTask *task)

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QtTimer::QtTimer (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool QtTimer::isPending (  )  const [virtual]

Return true if the timer is running.

Implements SoSystemTimer.

virtual void QtTimer::setDelay ( int  time  )  [virtual]

Set the timer's timeout in milliseconds.

Implements SoSystemTimer.

virtual void QtTimer::setRepeat ( bool  flag  )  [virtual]

If set to true, the timer will be triggered periodically at the rate defined by setDelay.

Implements SoSystemTimer.

virtual void QtTimer::setTask ( SoSystemTimerTask task  )  [virtual]

Sets the task executed when the timer is triggered.

When the timer is is triggered, it calls the run() method of task.

Implements SoSystemTimer.

virtual void QtTimer::start (  )  [virtual]

Start the timer.

If it is already started, stop it and restart

Implements SoSystemTimer.

void QtTimer::startRequired (  )  [signal]
virtual void QtTimer::stop (  )  [virtual]

Stop the timer.

Implements SoSystemTimer.

void QtTimer::stopRequired (  )  [signal]

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