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#include <RemoteViz/Rendering/RenderAreaHardware.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RenderAreaHardware ()
 RenderAreaHardware (const RenderAreaHardware &obj)
RenderAreaHardwareoperator= (const RenderAreaHardware &obj)
 ~RenderAreaHardware ()

void setGpu (const std::string &value)

Detailed Description


Settings to setup hardware for a render area.

If the application explicitly creates the RenderArea, an instance of this class must be passed to Service::createRenderArea.

If the RenderArea is automatically created by RemoteViz, an instance of this class will be passed to the ServiceListener::onPendingCreateRenderArea method and can be used to modify settings (for example which GPU to use for rendering).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RemoteViz::Rendering::RenderAreaHardware::RenderAreaHardware (  ) 


RemoteViz::Rendering::RenderAreaHardware::RenderAreaHardware ( const RenderAreaHardware obj  ) 

Copy constructor.

RemoteViz::Rendering::RenderAreaHardware::~RenderAreaHardware (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

RenderAreaHardware& RemoteViz::Rendering::RenderAreaHardware::operator= ( const RenderAreaHardware obj  ) 

Copy assignment operator.

void RemoteViz::Rendering::RenderAreaHardware::setGpu ( const std::string &  value  ) 

Sets the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) used for rendering.

This value can be retrieved using RenderArea::getGpu.

On X11 Linux, the default value is the value of the environment variable DISPLAY, typically ":0.0". The specification for a specific GPU depends on the X11 configuration file, but usually the first digit is the GPU index.

On Headless EGL Linux, the default value is EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY, typically "0". The parameter is a GPU index (0..N) (see eglQueryDevicesEXT and eglGetPlatformDisplayEXT).


  • Currently this feature only works on Linux.
    Calling this method on Windows is allowed, but has no effect.
  • Currently this feature can only specify the GPU to be used for rendering.
    GPU accelerated video encoding, for example H.264, is always done on the GPU with id "0".
value : GPU used to compute the render.

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