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#include <RemoteViz/Rendering/Uri.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Uri (const std::string &uri)
 Uri (const Uri &obj)
Urioperator= (const Uri &obj)
 ~Uri ()
const std::string & getScheme () const
const std::string & getAuthority () const
const std::string & getPort () const
const std::string & getPath () const
const std::string & getQuery () const
const std::string & getPathAndQuery () const
bool isAbsolute () const

Detailed Description


This class represents a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is a compact sequence of characters that identifies an abstract or physical resource.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RemoteViz::Rendering::Uri::Uri ( const std::string &  uri  ) 

Creates an Uri object.

RemoteViz::Rendering::Uri::Uri ( const Uri obj  ) 

Copy constructor.

RemoteViz::Rendering::Uri::~Uri (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

const std::string& RemoteViz::Rendering::Uri::getAuthority (  )  const

Returns the Domain Name System (DNS) host name or IP address and the port number for a server.

const std::string& RemoteViz::Rendering::Uri::getPath (  )  const

Returns the path of the URI.

const std::string& RemoteViz::Rendering::Uri::getPathAndQuery (  )  const

Returns the Path and Query properties separated by a question mark (?).

const std::string& RemoteViz::Rendering::Uri::getPort (  )  const

Returns the port number of this URI.

const std::string& RemoteViz::Rendering::Uri::getQuery (  )  const

Returns any query information included in the specified URI.

const std::string& RemoteViz::Rendering::Uri::getScheme (  )  const

Returns the scheme name for this URI.

bool RemoteViz::Rendering::Uri::isAbsolute (  )  const

Returns whether the Uri instance is absolute.

Uri& RemoteViz::Rendering::Uri::operator= ( const Uri obj  ) 

Copy assignment operator.

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