SbProjectionCoordinates Class Reference

Cache projected coordinates. More...

#include <Inventor/projection/SbProjectionCoordinates.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SbProjectionCoordinates (SoProjection *projection)
 SbProjectionCoordinates ()
 ~SbProjectionCoordinates ()
SbVec3fgetCoordinates ()
void setProjection (SoProjection *projection)
void resetCache (SoNode *node)
void initCoordinates (SoNode *node, int size)
SbBool cacheIsValid (SoNode *node)

Detailed Description

Cache projected coordinates.

This class stores the projected coordinates associated with a given geometry node and a given SoProjection node during a scene graph traversal. Each instance of SbProjectionCoordinates maintains a cache, based on the node IDs of the associated node and projection node. Calling resetCache() will force the projected coordinates to be recomputed during the next traversal.


SoProjection, SoGeoProjection

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SbProjectionCoordinates::SbProjectionCoordinates ( SoProjection projection  ) 


SbProjectionCoordinates::SbProjectionCoordinates (  ) 


SbProjectionCoordinates::~SbProjectionCoordinates (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

SbBool SbProjectionCoordinates::cacheIsValid ( SoNode node  ) 

Return whether the cache is valid or not.

SbVec3f* SbProjectionCoordinates::getCoordinates (  )  [inline]

Return coordinates.

void SbProjectionCoordinates::initCoordinates ( SoNode node,
int  size 


void SbProjectionCoordinates::resetCache ( SoNode node  ) 

Reset the cache.

void SbProjectionCoordinates::setProjection ( SoProjection projection  )  [inline]

Set associated projection.

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