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Spherical coordinate projection. More...

#include <Inventor/projection/SbSphericalProjection.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SbSphericalProjection ()
 SbSphericalProjection (SoProjection *node)
virtual ~SbSphericalProjection ()
virtual void inverse (SbVec3f &point)
virtual bool getProjectedBoundingBox (SbBox3f &bbox)

Detailed Description

Spherical coordinate projection.

This class performs a spherical coordinate projection and is normally used with an SoProjection or SoGeoProjection node.

Spherical coordinates can be represented using the usual coordinate classes (SbVec3f, SoMFVec3f, etc) but the three values are considered to be

The parameters are :

Name Type Index Default
radius float 0 0
scaleRatio float 1 1

The radius parameter is an offset added to each altitude value before projection. This is useful when the altitude values are, for example, relative to sea level.

The scaleRatio parameter is a multiplicative ratio applied to altitude values before projection. This is useful to exaggerate altitudes for visualization purposes.

The spherical projection of a point P(lon,lat,alt) is computed as follows:

    newLon = lon * degreeToRadians
    newLat = lat * degreeToRadians
    newRadius = radius + alt * scaleRatio
    x = newRadius*cos(newlat)*cos(newlon)
    y = newRadius*cos(newlat)*sin(newlon)
    z = newRadius*sin(newlat)


SbProjection, SoProjection

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SbSphericalProjection::SbSphericalProjection (  ) 


SbSphericalProjection::SbSphericalProjection ( SoProjection node  ) 


virtual SbSphericalProjection::~SbSphericalProjection (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual bool SbSphericalProjection::getProjectedBoundingBox ( SbBox3f bbox  )  [virtual]

Compute projected bounding box.

Reimplemented from SbProjection.

virtual void SbSphericalProjection::inverse ( SbVec3f point  )  [virtual]

Apply the inverse coordinate to one point. Modifies the given object.

Reimplemented from SbProjection.

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