SbStringList Class Reference

Maintains a list of pointers to SbString instances. More...

#include <Inventor/lists/SbStringList.h>

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Public Member Functions

void append (SbString *string)
void append (const char *)
int find (SbString *string)
int findString (const SbString &string) const
void insert (SbString *string, int addBefore)
SbString *& operator[] (int i) const

Static Public Member Functions

static SbStringList split (const SbString &str, const SbString &separator)

Detailed Description

Maintains a list of pointers to SbString instances.

This subclass of SbPList holds a list of SbString pointers.

Note: Because this is a list of pointers, not a list of objects, the destructor for this class does not free the memory associated with the SbString objects. If your application creates or takes ownership of an SbStringList, you are responsible for deleting the SbString objects.




Member Function Documentation

void SbStringList::append ( const char *   ) 

Adds given string to the end of the list.

A new SbString instance is created and must be deleted by user.

void SbStringList::append ( SbString string  ) 

Adds given SbString pointer to end of list.

int SbStringList::find ( SbString string  ) 

Returns index of given SbString in list, or -1 if not found (pointer check).

int SbStringList::findString ( const SbString string  )  const

Returns index of given SbString in list, or -1 if not found (string check).

void SbStringList::insert ( SbString string,
int  addBefore 

Inserts given SbString in list before SbString with given index.

SbString*& SbStringList::operator[] ( int  i  )  const

Returns pointer with given index. If requested index does not exists, list is grown to return a valid pointer.

Reimplemented from SbPList.

static SbStringList SbStringList::split ( const SbString str,
const SbString separator 
) [static]

This function splits a string according to a separator.

str The string to split.
separator The separator which is used to split the string.
The list of strings.

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