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VSG extension Annotation text node. More...

#include <Inventor/nodes/SoAnnoText3.h>

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Public Types

enum  Justification {
  LEFT = 0x01,
  CENTER = 0x03,
  RIGHT = 0x02,
  INHERITED = 0x04

Public Member Functions

virtual SoType getTypeId () const
 SoAnnoText3 ()

Static Public Member Functions

static SoType getClassTypeId ()

Public Attributes

SoMFString string
SoSFFloat spacing
SoSFEnum justification
SoSFNode alternateRep

Detailed Description

VSG extension Annotation text node.

SoAnnoText3 has some features of SoText3 and also some of SoText2.

For example, in the RENDER2D_PRINT_RASTER mode the text is rendered using SoText2, but the font size (see SoFont) is interpreted in the current 3D units like SoText3. As a result, the text is always screen aligned, but the size changes depending on distance from the camera. Text in this mode cannot be rotated.

The current annotation property (SoAnnoText3Property) determines the mode. The default is RENDER3D_PRINT_VECTOR (render like SoText3).

If scaling is applied (e.g. SoTransform) and the mode is RENDER2D_PRINT_RASTER, then the scale factor actually applied to the text is the minimum scale factor of the three axes (x, y, z).


Shape Antialiasing type is SoShape::TEXT.




SoAnnoText3Property, SoText2, SoText3, SoFullSceneAntialiasing

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Member Enumeration Documentation

Justification types.


Left justification.


Center justification.


Right justification.


The text justification is inherited from the current SoTextProperty::alignmentH value.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoAnnoText3::SoAnnoText3 (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

static SoType SoAnnoText3::getClassTypeId (  )  [static]

Returns the type identifier for this class.

Reimplemented from SoShape.

virtual SoType SoAnnoText3::getTypeId (  )  const [virtual]

Returns the type identifier for this specific instance.

Reimplemented from SoShape.

Member Data Documentation

This field optionally holds an SoText3 node that will be written out in place of this SoAnnoText3 node when saved to a .iv file.

Indicates placement and alignment of strings.

With LEFT justification, the left edge of the first line is at the (transformed) origin, and all left edges are aligned. RIGHT justification is similar. CENTER justification places the center of the first string at the (transformed) origin, with the centers of all remaining strings aligned under it.
Use enum Justification. Default is Left.

Defines the distance (in the negative y direction) between the base points of successive strings, measured with respect to the current font height.

A value of 1 indicates single spacing, a value of 2 indicates double spacing, and so on. Default is 1.

The text string(s) to display.

Each string will appear on its own line.

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