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VSG extension Class for interlaced stereo support. More...

#include <Inventor/components/stereo/SoInterlacedStereo.h>

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Public Types

enum  InterlacedMode {

Public Member Functions

 SoInterlacedStereo (SoStereoViewer *stereoVwr=NULL, SoGuiViewer *guiViewer=NULL)
 ~SoInterlacedStereo ()
void setInterlacedMode (InterlacedMode mode)
InterlacedMode getInterlacedMode () const
void setScreenInterlacing (SbBool screen)
SbBool isScreenInterlacing () const
void setFastInterlacing (SbBool fast=TRUE)
SbBool isFastInterlacing () const
virtual StereoViewType getStereoViewType ()
void enableGreenShift (SbBool enable)
SbBool isGreenShiftEnabled () const

Detailed Description

VSG extension Class for interlaced stereo support.

This class implements the interlaced stereo type. Using the interlaced mode, the stereo effect is achieved using special devices (projectors,...) that translate an interlaced image into a stereoscopic view. Alternating scan lines display images for the left and right eyes.

The interlaced mode can work in two modes: fast or best. This is simply a matter of quality. Due to the interlacing, lines close to horizontal can appear as dotted lines. In best mode, those parts of the model are drawn as if they were thicker. By default, the mode is fast.


SoStereoViewer, SoBaseStereo, SoWinViewer

Member Enumeration Documentation

Interlaced modes.


Horizontal (default).



Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoInterlacedStereo::SoInterlacedStereo ( SoStereoViewer stereoVwr = NULL,
SoGuiViewer guiViewer = NULL 


SoInterlacedStereo::~SoInterlacedStereo (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void SoInterlacedStereo::enableGreenShift ( SbBool  enable  )  [inline]

Enable image adjustment specific to Sharp LCD displays.

InterlacedMode SoInterlacedStereo::getInterlacedMode (  )  const [inline]

Queries interlaced mode.

virtual StereoViewType SoInterlacedStereo::getStereoViewType (  )  [inline, virtual]

Always returns SoBaseStereo::INTERLACED_STEREO.

Implements SoBaseStereo.

SbBool SoInterlacedStereo::isFastInterlacing (  )  const [inline]

Queries fast interlacing mode.

SbBool SoInterlacedStereo::isGreenShiftEnabled (  )  const [inline]

Query green shift setting.

SbBool SoInterlacedStereo::isScreenInterlacing (  )  const [inline]

Queries screen interlacing.

void SoInterlacedStereo::setFastInterlacing ( SbBool  fast = TRUE  )  [inline]

Sets fast interlacing mode.

Default is TRUE.

void SoInterlacedStereo::setInterlacedMode ( InterlacedMode  mode  )  [inline]

Sets interlaced mode.

Default is HORIZONTAL.

void SoInterlacedStereo::setScreenInterlacing ( SbBool  screen  )  [inline]

Sets screen interlacing.

If screen is TRUE (default), the line interlacing is done according to the screen (if the window is moving, the first line might be either an even or an odd line). Otherwise, do the interlacing according to the window itself (first line is always even).

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