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The SoInterlacedStereoParameters class is used to specify the behavior of the interlaced stereo. More...

#include <Inventor/ViewerComponents/SoInterlacedStereoParameters.h>

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Public Types

enum  InterlacedMode {

Public Member Functions

 SoInterlacedStereoParameters ()
bool isReverseInterlacing () const
void setReverseInterlacing (bool reversed)
bool getQualityRendering () const
void setQualityRendering (bool qualityRendering)
bool getGreenShift () const
void setGreenShift (bool greenShift)
InterlacedMode getInterlacingMode () const
void setInterlacingMode (InterlacedMode mode)

Detailed Description

The SoInterlacedStereoParameters class is used to specify the behavior of the interlaced stereo.

The interlacing can be either vertical or horizontal, as defined by the InterlacingMode.

Some SHARP screens require that the green component be written one pixel to the right, which is supported through the greenShift method.

Reverse interlacing is there to allow for screen-aligned interlacing. It is up to the user of the parameters to set the reverse interlacing when the window coordinates are not aligned with the screen coordinates. Screen interlacing changes the way odd and even lines are computed. By default the left eye is rendered on even lines and the right eye on odd lines. In screen interlacing even is computed from the position of the pixel on the screen, in non-screen interlacing it is relative to the rendering window.

The interlaced mode can work in two modes: fast or best. This is simply a matter of quality, and rendering time is not impacted. Due to the interlacing, lines close to horizontal can appear as dotted lines. In best mode, those parts of the model are drawn as if they were thicker. By default, the mode is fast.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Interlaced modes.


Horizontal (default).



Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoInterlacedStereoParameters::SoInterlacedStereoParameters (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool SoInterlacedStereoParameters::getGreenShift (  )  const
InterlacedMode SoInterlacedStereoParameters::getInterlacingMode (  )  const
bool SoInterlacedStereoParameters::getQualityRendering (  )  const
bool SoInterlacedStereoParameters::isReverseInterlacing (  )  const
void SoInterlacedStereoParameters::setGreenShift ( bool  greenShift  ) 
void SoInterlacedStereoParameters::setInterlacingMode ( InterlacedMode  mode  ) 
void SoInterlacedStereoParameters::setQualityRendering ( bool  qualityRendering  ) 
void SoInterlacedStereoParameters::setReverseInterlacing ( bool  reversed  ) 

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