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VSG extension Sets the unlock string. More...

#include <Inventor/lock/SoLockMgr.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void SetUnlockString (char *pUnlockString)
static void AppendUnlockString (const char *unlockString)


static SoDEPRECATED char * GetUnlockString ()

Detailed Description

VSG extension Sets the unlock string.

This class allows the application to set Master Password unlock strings programmatically.

Only Master Password unlock strings can be used with this class.
Temporary and floating license strings have a different format. These license strings can be set, but will not unlock Open Inventor. They must be used with a license string file.

Master Password strings embedded in application code should be "obfuscated" to prevent them being easily extracted from the executable. The application should remove the obfuscation immediately before calling SetUnlockString().

If your application uses any of the Open Inventor extensions (e.g., MeshViz, VolumeViz, etc.), you will need to specify the necessary license strings using a colon-separated list or a newline-separated list. Effectively SoLockManager stores only a single string, so it is not possible to make multiple calls, each specifying a single license string; each call would overwrite the previously specified value.

You must set the unlock string before your call to SoXt::init, SoWin::init (Windows platforms only) or SoDB::init.

This means the password string should typically be specified in your application's main or WinMain .

Member Function Documentation

static void SoLockManager::AppendUnlockString ( const char *  unlockString  )  [static]

Appends to the existing unlock string the specified string.

In order for the unlock string to be valid, each feature described must be specified in a single line.

static SoDEPRECATED char* SoLockManager::GetUnlockString (  )  [static]

Returns the unlock string.

For security reason, this method always returns NULL.


Deprecated since Open Inventor 10400
This method should no longer be used. It always returns NULL.
static void SoLockManager::SetUnlockString ( char *  pUnlockString  )  [static]

Sets the unlock string.

SoLockManager makes a copy of the specified string, so it is not necessary to declare a static string.
To reclaim the memory allocated by SoLockManager (for example at program exit), simply call setUnlockString with NULL.

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