SoPerfCounterManager Class Reference

Performance Counter Manager. More...

#include <Inventor/stats/SoPerfCounterManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

void resetAll ()
void removeDisabledCounters () const
SoPerfCountergetCounter (SbName name)
void setInterval (const SbTime &intvl)
SbTime getInterval ()
void log ()
void update ()

Static Public Member Functions

static SoPerfCounterManagergetInstance ()
static SbBool isEnabled ()
static SbBool registerCounter (SoPerfCounter *)
static SoPerfCounterdisableCounter (SbName name)

Detailed Description

Performance Counter Manager.

Manage a set of predefined and user defined performance counters (SoPerfCounter).



Member Function Documentation

static SoPerfCounter* SoPerfCounterManager::disableCounter ( SbName  name  )  [static]

Disable a SoPerfCounter from logging by the performance counter manager.

Returns NULL if the counter is not existing (by name).

SoPerfCounter* SoPerfCounterManager::getCounter ( SbName  name  ) 

Get the instance of a specific counter.

Returns NULL if the counter has not been registered.

static SoPerfCounterManager* SoPerfCounterManager::getInstance (  )  [static]

Returns the existing instance.

SbTime SoPerfCounterManager::getInterval (  ) 

Gets the refresh counter rate.

A 0 (zero) value means the embedded performance schedule reporting is disabled.

static SbBool SoPerfCounterManager::isEnabled (  )  [static]

Returns TRUE if performance counting is activated.

see OIV_PERFCOUNTER_ENABLE SoPreferences variables to activate it.

void SoPerfCounterManager::log (  ) 

Logs counter in an output file.

static SbBool SoPerfCounterManager::registerCounter ( SoPerfCounter  )  [static]

Register a new SoPerfCounter to the performance counter manager.

Adding an existing counter (by name), the perf counter registering fails. Calling this method doesn't imply the manager is working with the counter: to start to work with this counter you have to call the getCounter() method. Passed SoPerfCounter pointer must be allocated using new() operator. If the given coutner alreday exists it will be deleted when registerCounter returns.

void SoPerfCounterManager::removeDisabledCounters (  )  const

Removes disabled counters. Since Open Inventor 8.1

void SoPerfCounterManager::resetAll (  ) 

Resets all counters.

void SoPerfCounterManager::setInterval ( const SbTime intvl  ) 

Sets the refresh counter rate.

Passing SbTime(0) disables the embedded performance schedule reporting.

void SoPerfCounterManager::update (  ) 

Logs counter in defined output and reset counters.

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