SoPickRayElement Class Reference

Stores the current ray to use for picking. More...

#include <Inventor/elements/SoPickRayElement.h>

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SoElement SoTypedObject

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Public Member Functions

virtual void print (FILE *fp) const

Static Public Member Functions

static SoType getClassTypeId ()
static int getClassStackIndex ()
static void set (SoState *state, const SbViewVolume &volume)
static const SbViewVolumeget (SoState *state)

Detailed Description

Stores the current ray to use for picking.

This element stores the current ray to use for picking. It contains the world space ray information in terms of an SbViewVolume. The projection point and view direction of the volume represent the ray itself. The width (which equals the height) represents the diameter of the picking circle in the near plane. The near and far planes represent the distances to the near and far planes between which valid intersections must lie.



Member Function Documentation

static const SbViewVolume& SoPickRayElement::get ( SoState state  )  [static]

Returns the current picking ray view volume from the state.

static int SoPickRayElement::getClassStackIndex (  )  [static]

Returns the stack id for this element.

Reimplemented from SoElement.

static SoType SoPickRayElement::getClassTypeId (  )  [static]

Returns the type identifier for this class.

Reimplemented from SoElement.

virtual void SoPickRayElement::print ( FILE *  fp  )  const [virtual]

Prints element (for debugging).

Reimplemented from SoElement.

static void SoPickRayElement::set ( SoState state,
const SbViewVolume volume 
) [static]

Sets the picking ray.

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