SoProfileElement Class Reference

Stores 2D profiles for NURBS and 3D text. More...

#include <Inventor/elements/SoProfileElement.h>

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SoAccumulatedElement SoElement SoTypedObject

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Public Types

enum  Profile {

Public Member Functions

virtual void push (SoState *state)
virtual void print (FILE *fp) const

Static Public Member Functions

static SoType getClassTypeId ()
static int getClassStackIndex ()
static void add (SoState *state, SoProfile *profile)
static const SoNodeListget (SoState *state)

Detailed Description

Stores 2D profiles for NURBS and 3D text.

This element stores 2D profiles for NURBS and 3D text.



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Start first.


Start new.


Add to current.

Member Function Documentation

static void SoProfileElement::add ( SoState state,
SoProfile profile 
) [static]

Add to the current profile list.

static const SoNodeList& SoProfileElement::get ( SoState state  )  [static]

Returns the current list of profile nodes from the state.

static int SoProfileElement::getClassStackIndex (  )  [static]

Returns the stack id for this element.

Reimplemented from SoAccumulatedElement.

static SoType SoProfileElement::getClassTypeId (  )  [static]

Returns the type identifier for this class.

Reimplemented from SoAccumulatedElement.

virtual void SoProfileElement::print ( FILE *  fp  )  const [virtual]

Prints element (for debugging).

Reimplemented from SoAccumulatedElement.

virtual void SoProfileElement::push ( SoState state  )  [virtual]

Overrides push() method to copy values from next instance in the stack.

Reimplemented from SoAccumulatedElement.

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