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VSG extension Translates and reports events for the keyboard device. More...

#include <Inventor/Qt/devices/SoQtKeyboard.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SoQtKeyboard (EventMask mask=SO_QT_ALL_KEYBOARD_EVENTS)
 ~SoQtKeyboard ()
virtual void enable (QWidget *w, XtEventHandler f, XtPointer data, void *unused=NULL)
virtual void disable (QWidget *w, XtEventHandler f, XtPointer data)
virtual const SoEventtranslateEvent (QEvent *event)

Detailed Description

VSG extension Translates and reports events for the keyboard device.

This class manages events generated by the keyboard, including key press and release events (SoKeyboardEvent).

Note :
With Qt, there is no difference between the left and right Window/Meta keys. So SoKeyboardEvent::LEFT_META is returned when either of these keys is pressed.


SoQtDevice, SoKeyboardEvent

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoQtKeyboard::SoQtKeyboard ( EventMask  mask = SO_QT_ALL_KEYBOARD_EVENTS  ) 


To the constructor, pass which keyboard events you are interested in as a bitwise OR of the following values:

KeyPressMask - Key press messages

KeyReleaseMask - Key release messages

Or simply pass the defined value SO_QT_ALL_KEYBOARD_EVENTS for all keyboard events. The device will only report events of this type for the widget it is enabled on.

SoQtKeyboard::~SoQtKeyboard (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

virtual void SoQtKeyboard::disable ( QWidget *  w,
XtEventHandler  f,
XtPointer  data 
) [virtual]

Disables the device for the passed widget.

Implements SoQtDevice.

virtual void SoQtKeyboard::enable ( QWidget *  w,
XtEventHandler  f,
XtPointer  data,
void *  unused = NULL 
) [virtual]

Enables the device for the passed widget. When enabled, the callback function f will be invoked when events occur in the window. data is the clientData which will be passed.

Implements SoQtDevice.

virtual const SoEvent* SoQtKeyboard::translateEvent ( QEvent *  event  )  [virtual]

Attempts to convert the passed event into an SoEvent.
Returns a pointer to an internal SoEvent object owned by the class. Do not delete this object. If the message was not generated by this device, then NULL is returned.

Implements SoQtDevice.

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