SoReplacedElement Class Reference

Abstract base class for each state element whose value is replaced whenever it is set. More...

#include <Inventor/elements/SoReplacedElement.h>

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SoElement SoTypedObject MoCellFilterElement MoColorMappingElement MoCombineColorMappingElement MoDataBindingElement MoDrawStyleElement MoMaterialElement MoMeshElement MoTessellatorElement PoBevelEdgeElement PoCellFilterElement PoDataMappingElement PoDateFormatMappingElement PoDomainElement PoIsovaluesListElement PoLabelHintsElement PoMesh1DFilterElement PoMesh1DHintsElement PoMeshElement PoMiscTextAttrElement PoNumericDisplayFormatElement PoProfileElement SoBevelPropertyElement SoColorMapElement SoCoordinateElement SoDataCompositorElement SoDataSetElement SoDataSetIdElement SoEdgeFlagElement SoEnvironmentElement SoFontNameElement SoGeometryPriorityElement SoGeoOriginElement SoLightAttenuationElement SoLinePatternElement SoMaterialElement SoMultipleInstanceElement SoNormalElement SoNurbsPropertyElement SoPatternElement SoPolygonOffsetElement SoProfileCoordinateElement SoProjectionMatrixElement SoROIElement SoShaderProgramElement SoTangentElement SoTextStyleColorsElement SoTextTextureQualityRangeElement SoTextureNameElement SoVertexFlagElement SoViewingMatrixElement SoViewVolumeElement SoVolumeClippingGroupElement SoVolumeGroupElement SoVolumeRenderingQualityElement

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Public Member Functions

virtual void print (FILE *fp) const

Static Public Member Functions

static SoType getClassTypeId ()
static int getClassStackIndex ()

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for each state element whose value is replaced whenever it is set.

This is the abstract base class for each state element whose value is replaced whenever it is set. (Most state elements fall into this category, so most are derived from this class.)

This class overrides the SoElement::getElement() method to store the node-id of the node that is about to set the value in the element (i.e., the node that is passed to getElement()). This class also defines the SoElement::matches() method to return TRUE if the node-id's of the two elements match. Subclasses can change this behavior by defining matches() differently, if they wish. For example, they can compare the elements' values, instead.


Member Function Documentation

static int SoReplacedElement::getClassStackIndex (  )  [static]
static SoType SoReplacedElement::getClassTypeId (  )  [static]
virtual void SoReplacedElement::print ( FILE *  fp  )  const [virtual]

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