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Abstract base class for sensors dependent on time. More...

#include <Inventor/sensors/SoTimerQueueSensor.h>

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SoSensor SoAlarmSensor SoTimerSensor SoFileSensor

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Public Member Functions

 SoTimerQueueSensor ()
 SoTimerQueueSensor (SoSensorCB *func, void *data)
const SbTimegetTriggerTime () const
virtual void schedule ()
virtual void unschedule ()

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for sensors dependent on time.

Timer queue sensors are sensors that trigger themselves at specific times. The timer queue is normally processed as part of a program's main loop when the program is not busy doing something else. Note that processing the timer queue is not asynchronous - the program must re-enter its main loop for timers to be triggered. When the timer queue is processed, all timers scheduled to go off at or before the current time are triggered once, in order from earliest to latest.


SoTimerSensor, SoAlarmSensor, SoIdleSensor, SoOneShotSensor, SoDataSensor

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoTimerQueueSensor::SoTimerQueueSensor (  ) 


SoTimerQueueSensor::SoTimerQueueSensor ( SoSensorCB func,
void *  data 

Constructor that takes standard callback function and data.

Member Function Documentation

const SbTime& SoTimerQueueSensor::getTriggerTime (  )  const [inline]

Returns the time at which this sensor is scheduled to be triggered.

If the sensor is not scheduled the results are undefined.

virtual void SoTimerQueueSensor::schedule (  )  [virtual]

Adds this sensor to the timer queue.

Subclasses provide methods for setting when the sensor will be triggered.

Implements SoSensor.

Reimplemented in SoAlarmSensor, and SoTimerSensor.

virtual void SoTimerQueueSensor::unschedule (  )  [virtual]

If this sensor is scheduled, removes it from the timer queue so that it will not be triggered.

Implements SoSensor.

Reimplemented in SoTimerSensor.

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