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Component which lets you edit a material interactively. More...

#include <Inventor/Xt/SoXtMaterialList.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SoXtMaterialList (SoWidget parent=NULL, const char *name=NULL, SbBool buildInsideParent=TRUE, const char *dir=NULL)
 ~SoXtMaterialList ()
void addCallback (SoXtMaterialListCB *f, void *userData=NULL)
void removeCallback (SoXtMaterialListCB *f, void *userData=NULL)

Detailed Description

Component which lets you edit a material interactively.

This class is used to choose an SoMaterial from palettes of predefined materials (for example, gold, silver, or bronze from the metal palette; emerald, pearl, or ruby from the stones palette). The chosen material is passed to callback functions registered with this component.



SoXtComponent, SoCallbackList, SoMaterial, SoXtMaterialEditor

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoXtMaterialList::SoXtMaterialList ( SoWidget  parent = NULL,
const char *  name = NULL,
SbBool  buildInsideParent = TRUE,
const char *  dir = NULL 

The constructor is passed a directory name which serves as the home directory for the material palettes.

You can have any number of palettes in this directory. A palette is a subdirectory that contains Open Inventor data files, where each file describes one material. Predefined Open Inventor materials are found in $OIVHOME/data/materials.

SoXtMaterialList::~SoXtMaterialList (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

void SoXtMaterialList::addCallback ( SoXtMaterialListCB f,
void *  userData = NULL 
) [inline]

Registers functions that will be called whenever the user chooses a new material from the list.

Each callback when invoked will be passed the userData pointer, along with a pointer to the newly selected material.

void SoXtMaterialList::removeCallback ( SoXtMaterialListCB f,
void *  userData = NULL 
) [inline]

Removes callback.

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