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#include <Inventor/ViewerComponents/Qt/QML/RenderArea.h>

Inheritance diagram for openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea:
SiRenderArea openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderAreaInteractive openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderAreaOrbiter

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Public Slots

void onWindowChanged (QQuickWindow *window)
void onScreenChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 RenderArea ()
virtual ~RenderArea ()
void setSceneGraph (SoNode *sceneGraph) override
SoNodegetSceneGraph () const override
void setClearPolicy (ClearPolicy policy) override
ClearPolicy getClearPolicy () const override
void setClearColor (const SbColorRGBA &color) override
SbColorRGBA getClearColor () const override
void setClearDepth (float depth) override
float getClearDepth () const override
void setSize (const SbVec2i32 &size) override
SbVec2i32 getSize () const override
virtual void setGLRenderAction (SoGLRenderAction *glAction)
SoGLRenderActiongetGLRenderAction () const
virtual void setTransparencyType (SoGLRenderAction::TransparencyType type)
getTransparencyType () const
void setAntialiasingMode (SoSceneManager::AntialiasingMode mode)
SoSceneManager::AntialiasingMode getAntialiasingMode () const
void setAntialiasingQuality (float quality)
float getAntialiasingQuality () const
void setStillSuperSamplingQuality (float quality)
float getStillSuperSamplingQuality () const
void setStillSuperSamplingDelay (unsigned int delay)
unsigned int getStillSuperSamplingDelay () const
void activateStereo (bool activated)
bool isStereoActivated () const
void setStereoParameters (SoStereoParameters *parameters)
SoStereoParametersgetStereoParameters () const
bool isRawStereoAvailable ()


class QmlRenderer

Detailed Description


Class to render an OpenInventor scene in a QML item.

RenderArea creates a 3D rendering item. Use the setSceneGraph() method to specify the scene graph to be rendered.


RenderAreaInteractive, RenderAreaOrbiter

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::RenderArea (  ) 
virtual openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::~RenderArea (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::activateStereo ( bool  activated  ) 

Activate/Deactivate stereo.


SoSceneManager::AntialiasingMode openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::getAntialiasingMode (  )  const
float openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::getAntialiasingQuality (  )  const
SbColorRGBA openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::getClearColor (  )  const [override, virtual]

Gets the RGBA value used when the color buffer is cleared.

Implements SiRenderArea.

float openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::getClearDepth (  )  const [override, virtual]

Gets the depth value used when the depth buffer is cleared.

Implements SiRenderArea.

ClearPolicy openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::getClearPolicy (  )  const [override, virtual]

Gets the color buffer and depth buffer clear policy.

Implements SiRenderArea.

SoGLRenderAction* openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::getGLRenderAction (  )  const

Returns the render action used for rendering.

This method returns nullptr if the show() of the main window is not done.

SoNode* openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::getSceneGraph (  )  const [override, virtual]

Gets the scene graph to render.

Implements SiRenderArea.

SbVec2i32 openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::getSize (  )  const [override, virtual]

Gets the size used for rendering.

Implements SiRenderArea.

SoStereoParameters* openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::getStereoParameters (  )  const

Returns nullptr.

See also:
unsigned int openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::getStillSuperSamplingDelay (  )  const
float openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::getStillSuperSamplingQuality (  )  const
virtual SoGLRenderAction::TransparencyType openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::getTransparencyType (  )  const [virtual]

Gets the global transparency algorithm to use when rendering.

bool openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::isRawStereoAvailable (  ) 

Always returns false.


    QML does not allow having raw stereo.

bool openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::isStereoActivated (  )  const

Always returns false.


    Stereo status can only be retrieved once rendering area is initialized. QML does not allow having raw stereo.

void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::onScreenChanged (  )  [slot]
void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::onWindowChanged ( QQuickWindow *  window  )  [slot]
void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::setAntialiasingMode ( SoSceneManager::AntialiasingMode  mode  ) 

Defines the antialiasing mode.

mode The antialiasing algorithm. Default is NO_ANTIALIASING which turns off antialiasing.
void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::setAntialiasingQuality ( float  quality  ) 

Defines the antialiasing quality value.

quality The quality is a factor in the range [0.0,1.0].
Default is 0.0. The value 0.0 turns off antialiasing.
void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::setClearColor ( const SbColorRGBA color  )  [override, virtual]

Defines the RGBA value used when the color buffer is cleared.

Default is transparent black (0,0,0,0).

Implements SiRenderArea.

void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::setClearDepth ( float  depth  )  [override, virtual]

Defines the depth value used when the depth buffer is cleared.

Default is 1. Range is 0..1.

Implements SiRenderArea.

void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::setClearPolicy ( ClearPolicy  policy  )  [override, virtual]

Defines the color buffer and depth buffer clear policy.

Use enum ClearPolicy Default is COLORBUFFER_AND_DEPTHBUFFER.

Implements SiRenderArea.

virtual void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::setGLRenderAction ( SoGLRenderAction glAction  )  [virtual]

Defines the render action used for rendering.

void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::setSceneGraph ( SoNode sceneGraph  )  [override, virtual]

Sets the scene graph to render.

Implements SiRenderArea.

Reimplemented in openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderAreaInteractive.

void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::setSize ( const SbVec2i32 size  )  [override, virtual]

Defines the size used for rendering.

Implements SiRenderArea.

void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::setStereoParameters ( SoStereoParameters parameters  ) 

Defines the stereo parameters.


    Stereo parameters can only be set once rendering area is initialized. Do nothing. QML does not allow having raw stereo.

void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::setStillSuperSamplingDelay ( unsigned int  delay  ) 

Sets delay for supersampling when "still" (not interacting).

If greater than 0, images will be supersampled after the specified delay.

delay The delay is in milliseconds.
If greater than 0, images will be supersampled after the specified delay See also setStillSuperSamplingQuality.
void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::setStillSuperSamplingQuality ( float  quality  ) 

Sets quality for supersampling when "still" (not interacting).

When quality is greater than 0, still images will be automatically supersampled.

quality The quality is a factor in the range [0.0,1.0].
Default value is 0.0. Use the value 0.0 to turn off still supersampling. 0.5 is a typical value. See also setStillSuperSamplingDelay.
virtual void openinventor::inventor::viewercomponents::qt::qml::RenderArea::setTransparencyType ( SoGLRenderAction::TransparencyType  type  )  [virtual]

Sets the global transparency algorithm to use when rendering.

type The global transparency algorithm

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class QmlRenderer [friend]

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