SoLDM Namespace Reference


typedef std::vector< SoDataSet * > DsVector
typedef DsVector::iterator DsVectorIt
typedef std::set< SoDataSet * > DsSet
typedef std::pair< SoDataSet
*, int > 
typedef std::vector
< DataSetIdPair
typedef std::vector< SoLDMTileIDTileIdVector

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::pair<SoDataSet*, int> SoLDM::DataSetIdPair

Pair containing an SoDataset and its dataSetId.

List of DataSetIdPair.

typedef std::set<SoDataSet*> SoLDM::DsSet

Set of SoDataSet.

typedef std::vector<SoDataSet*> SoLDM::DsVector

Vector of SoDataSet.

typedef DsVector::iterator SoLDM::DsVectorIt

Iterator for DsVector.

typedef std::vector<SoLDMTileID> SoLDM::TileIdVector

Vector of SoLDMTileID.

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