SoLDMDataAccess::DataInfoLine Struct Reference

Information about data returned for an arbitrary line. More...

#include <LDM/SoLDMDataAccess.h>

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Public Attributes

ErrorValue errorFlag
int64_t bufferSize
int bufferDimension
SbVec3i32 lineCoord [2]

Detailed Description

Information about data returned for an arbitrary line.

Used with the SoLDMDataAccess::getData(int, const SbBox3i32&, const SbLine&, SoBufferObject*) method.

The following figure shows the information that is returned.


Member Data Documentation

Dimension of the 1D array of data (in voxels).

The dimension depends on the resolution.

Size of the requested data in bytes.

Used by the application to allocate buffer.

Error indicator.

Use enum ErrorValue. Note that even when errorFlag is CORRECT, bufferSize may be zero meaning no data was returned.

First and last point of the segment of data in voxel coordinates.

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