Class SoVectorizePSAction

  • public class SoVectorizePSAction
    extends SoVectorizeAction
    Realizes the vectorization of a scene graph to a file in PostScript format. This class is used for vectorizing scene graphs to PostScript format files. It contains an SoPSVectorOutput instance which writes by default to standard output. Methods on SoPSVectorOutput can be called to specify what file to write to.


    • End line style TRIANGULAR is not supported; end line style ROUND is assumed instead.
    • Join line style NONE, MITERED_BEVELED, and TRIANGULAR are not supported; join line styles BEVELED, MITERED, and ROUNDED are assumed instead.
    • For LANDSCAPE orientation, the start position is the upper-left corner.
    • See additional limitations in SoVectorizeAction.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoVectorizePSAction

        public SoVectorizePSAction()
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      • enableElement

        public static void enableElement​(java.lang.Class<? extends Inventor> t,
                                         int stkIndex)