Package com.openinventor.hardcopy

Resolution-independent vector/polygon hardcopy. Open Inventor provides you with an action that allows you to render your scene graph using the PostScript image file format (with SoOffscreenRenderer). HardCopy extends Open Inventor with new actions that allow you to render your scene graph or part of your scene graph using vector PostScript, HPGL, CGM or GDI (available only with Windows NT and 95/98) formats. You cannot use these actions for rendering realistic 3D scenes with smooth shading and textures. You can use these actions to render resolution-independent output for large format plotters when your scene is 2D or 3D with wireframe or flat shaded rendering.

As any other modules, this one must be firstly initialized by calling the method SoHardCopy.init()

Note HardCopy is a separately licensed extension. You must have a HardCopy license string in addition to your Open Inventor license string.