Class SoGetPrimitiveCountAction

  • public class SoGetPrimitiveCountAction
    extends SoAction
    Counts number of primitives in scene. This class counts the number of rendering primitives a scene would use to render. This can be used as an approximation of how long the scene would take to render. The primitives are divided into five categories: triangles, lines, points, text objects, and images.

    After applying the action to a path or scene graph, the results can be obtained with the functions getTriangleCount(), getLineCount(), etc. The decimation value can be altered before applying, which is useful for finding the minimum and maximum number of primitives the scene requires (use LOWEST and HIGHEST).

    3D Text, such as SoText3 can be counted as either text or triangles. The function setCount3DTextAsTriangles() will determine how these objects are counted.

    Polygonal geometry nodes, for example SoIndexedFaceSet, are always counted as triangles even if the draw style (SoDrawStyle) is set to LINES or POINTS.

    Some shapes, such as trimmed NURBS surfaces, can answer quicker if they are allowed to approximate how many primitives they will use instead of calculating an exact answer. If an exact answer is not required, passing true to setCanApproximate() will speed the action.

    Sets: SoDecimationTypeElement, SoDecimationPercentageElement


     // Count triangles in scene graph
     SoGetPrimitiveCountAction gpca = new SoGetPrimitiveCountAction();
     gpca.apply( root );
     int numTris = gpca.getTriangleCount();

    SoAction, SoLevelOfSimplification, SoOctreeOrdering, SoRenderList, SoValueOrdering

    • Constructor Detail

      • SoGetPrimitiveCountAction

        public SoGetPrimitiveCountAction()
    • Method Detail

      • getLineCount

        public int getLineCount()
        Returns counted number of primitives (lines).
      • incNumPoints

        public void incNumPoints()
      • incNumLines

        public void incNumLines()
      • incNumTriangles

        public void incNumTriangles()
      • getPointCount

        public int getPointCount()
        Returns counted number of primitives (points).
      • incNumImage

        public void incNumImage()
      • setCanApproximate

        public void setCanApproximate​(boolean onOff)
        Some shapes may be able to guess an approximate number of triangles without actually counting. In the interests of speed, and depending on how the results are used, a flag is available to allow shapes to approximate their count. The default is false.
      • getTriangleCount

        public int getTriangleCount()
        Returns counted number of primitives (triangles).
      • incNumText

        public void incNumText()
      • enableElement

        public static void enableElement​(java.lang.Class<? extends Inventor> t,
                                         int stkIndex)
      • addNumTriangles

        public void addNumTriangles​(int num)
      • canApproximateCount

        public boolean canApproximateCount()
        Returns whether shapes are allowed to approximate their count.
      • is3DTextCountedAsTriangles

        public boolean is3DTextCountedAsTriangles()
        Returns how SoText3 should be counted: as a triangle-based shape (true) or as a text-based shape (false).
      • getDecimationPercentage

        public float getDecimationPercentage()
        Gets decimation percentage.
      • setCount3DTextAsTriangles

        public void setCount3DTextAsTriangles​(boolean treatAsTris)
        SoText3 can be counted two ways: as a triangle-based shape or as a text-based shape. This routine specifies how SoText3 should be counted. The default is true (SoText3 adds to the triangle count, not the text count).
      • getImageCount

        public int getImageCount()
        Returns counted number of primitives (images).
      • addNumText

        public void addNumText​(int num)
      • getTextCount

        public int getTextCount()
        Returns counted number of primitives (text).
      • addNumImage

        public void addNumImage​(int num)
      • containsNonTriangleShapes

        public boolean containsNonTriangleShapes()
        Returns true if scene contains some primitives that are not triangles.
      • addNumLines

        public void addNumLines​(int num)
      • containsNoPrimitives

        public boolean containsNoPrimitives()
        Returns true if scene contains no primitives of any kind.
      • addNumPoints

        public void addNumPoints​(int num)