Class SoConcatenate

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    public class SoConcatenate
    extends SoEngine
    Joins separate fields into a single multiple-value field. This engine joins up to 10 separate fields of a type into a single multiple-valued field of the same type. The type of the input fields can be any subclass of SoMField The type is specified when an instance of the class is created. For example, SoConcatenate( SoMFFloat.getClass() ) creates an engine that concatenates floating-point values.

    The input field is a 10-element array, where each element can be connected to single- or multiple-valued fields. All the values in the input are concatenated together to form one multiple-value field. For example, if input[0] contains 10 values and input[1] contains 3 values, the output will contain 13 values.

    Note that by default input does not contain any values, and no value is output from the engine.

    File format/default:

    Concatenate {

      type <inputType>
      input0 []
      input1 []
      input2 []
      input3 []
      input4 []
      input5 []
      input6 []
      input7 []
      input8 []
      input9 []

    See Also:
    SoEngineOutput, SoGate, SoSelectOne
    • Field Detail

      • output

        public final SoEngineOutput output
        Output. Is of the same type as the inputs (note that it is a pointer, unlike most engine outputs).
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoConcatenate

        public SoConcatenate​(java.lang.Class<? extends Inventor> mfInputType)
        Constructor. The argument specifies the type of values to concatenate.