Class SoErrorStack

  • public class SoErrorStack
    extends SoError
    Stack debugging handler. SoErrorStack is used to obtain and/or report the program callstack.

    The post() method gets the actual callstack and calls a custom callback, if one is defined, else it dumps the callstack using SoDebugError.

    It is also possible to allow SoStackError to automaticaly report the callstack, when a signal is reported by the system, by setting OIV_DEBUG_STACKERROR to 1.

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    • Method Detail

      • setHandlerCallback

        public static void setHandlerCallback​(SoErrorStack.Handler h)
        Sets the handler for SoErrorStack class.
      • getStackFrames

        public java.util.ArrayList<SoErrorStack.StackFrame> getStackFrames()
        Returns the stack frames of the current callback stack. This function is useful to get the stack frames when the custom callback is called.

        The list of frames in the actual callstack.

      • post

        public static void post()
        Posts the current callstack to the application callback or to SoDebugError if the custom callback was not specified.
      • getStack

        public java.lang.String getStack()
        This function returns a decoded version of the getStackFrames() function.

        A string which contains a human readable version of the stack.