Class SoMFFilePathString

  • public class SoMFFilePathString
    extends SoMFString
    Multiple-value field containing any number of file path strings. A multiple-value field that contains any number of file path strings.

    SoMFFilePathString is equivalent to SoMFString. Using this type of field provides a way for Open Inventor to do conversion and filtering operations on distributed heterogeneous systems.

    Data copying:

    SoMF fields are a kind of "smart container", automatically expanding as necessary to hold the data provided by the application. This is very convenient, but for large blocks of data it may be desireable to avoid making a copy of the application data. The setValuesBuffer() methods allow Open Inventor to directly use an array of values supplied by the application. The application data is not copied. Please see SoMFVec3f for more information and example code.

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