Class SbGraphicsCapabilities

    • Constructor Detail

      • SbGraphicsCapabilities

        public SbGraphicsCapabilities()
    • Method Detail

      • getMinGLSLVersion

        public int getMinGLSLVersion()
        Minimum version of GLSL supported.
      • getMaxImageUnits

        public int getMaxImageUnits()
        Maximum number of image unit allowed.
      • getMaxTextureUnits

        public int getMaxTextureUnits()
        Maximum number of tex unit allowed.
      • getMaxColorTargets

        public int getMaxColorTargets()
        Maximum number of color target allowed.
      • getMaxDrawBuffers

        public int getMaxDrawBuffers()
        Maximum number of draw buffers allowed.
      • getMaxHardwareLights

        public int getMaxHardwareLights()
        Maximum number of light allowed.
      • getMaxClipPlanes

        public int getMaxClipPlanes()
        Maximum number of clip plane allowed.
      • getMaxTextureCoords

        public int getMaxTextureCoords()
        Maximum number of texCoord allowed.