Class SbGPUCapabilities

  • public class SbGPUCapabilities
    extends SbGraphicsCapabilities
    List of common graphics capabilities of the device used by a SoGLContext. This structure aims at making algorithms scalable according to the capabilities of the device used for execution. For instance, a texture can be resized if its size is greater than supported hardware size, such as:

    See Also:
    SbGraphicsCapabilities, SoGLContext, SoGLDevice
    • Method Detail

      • getVersion

        public int getVersion()
        OpenGL version. Ex: 440 for OpenGL 4.4
      • getMaxFixedPipelineTextureUnits

        public int getMaxFixedPipelineTextureUnits()
        GL_MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS (i.e. max texture units for fixed pipeline)
      • getMaxTextureSize

        public int getMaxTextureSize()
      • getMaxSamples

        public int getMaxSamples()
        GL_MAX_SAMPLES (i.e. max number of samples for multisampling)
      • getMax3DTextureSize

        public int getMax3DTextureSize()
      • getRenderer

        public java.lang.String getRenderer()
        Renderer name. Format depends on GPU
      • getMaxViewportSize

        public SbVec2i32 getMaxViewportSize()
      • getMaxVertexAttribs

        public int getMaxVertexAttribs()