Class SoRasterReaderSet

    • Method Detail

      • deleteReaders

        public static void deleteReaders​(int start)
        Calls deleteReaders(start, (int)-1).
      • addReader

        public static void addReader​(SoRasterImageRW reader)
        Adds a raster reading class to the set of raster readers.
      • getReader

        public static SoRasterImageRW getReader​(SoRasterImageIO imageIO)
        Returns an instance of the reader class if found in the set of raster readers. Returns NULL if no reader found or available.
      • getNumReaders

        public static int getNumReaders()
        Returns the number of raster readers currently in the set.
      • getReaderAt

        public static java.lang.Class<? extends Inventor> getReaderAt​(int index)
        Returns the type of reader at the specified index.
      • deleteReaders

        public static void deleteReaders​(int start,
                                         int num)
        Removes num readers (including default ones) at start position. If num is equal to -1, all readers are removed.