Class SoLicensesInfo

  • public class SoLicensesInfo
    extends Inventor
    Class managing every licensed product. SoLicensesInfo manages licensed products. SoLicensesInfo.setCallback(SoLicensesCB*) deactivates the default message box to call the specified callback.

    Version Number: You can query the Open Inventor version number as a string using the getVersion() method or as a floating point value using the getLicensingVersionNumber() method.

    • Method Detail

      • check

        public static int check​(java.lang.String productName,
                                float version,
                                java.lang.String licenseString)
        Calls check(productName, version, licenseString, true, (java.lang.String[])null).
      • check

        public static int check​(java.lang.String productName,
                                float version)
        Calls check(productName, version, (java.lang.String)null, true, (java.lang.String[])null).
      • check

        public static int check​(java.lang.String productName,
                                float version,
                                java.lang.String licenseString,
                                boolean printWarning)
        Calls check(productName, version, licenseString, printWarning, (java.lang.String[])null).
      • check

        public static int check​(java.lang.String productName,
                                float version,
                                java.lang.String licenseString,
                                boolean printWarning,
                                java.lang.String[] errReport)
        Query if Open Inventor or an extension module is licensed on this machine.

        productName - : Product to be licensed (no blanks), e.g. OpenInventor or VolumeVizLDM.

        version - : Version to be licensed (see getLicensingVersionNumber).

        licenseString - : (optional) Embedded application password string, if any.

        printWarning - : If true, error and warning messages (if any) will be displayed to user.

        errReport - : If not NULL, will be set to point to the text of the error or warning messages (if any).
        Note! This address is an internal static buffer and must not be freed by the application. FlexNet Notes:
        • Before checking for a FlexNet license token, SoLicensesInfo.check will automatically append "SDK" to the productName when you need an SDK license to run on the current machine.
        < 0 If product or version is NOT licensed on this machine.
        >= 0 If product and version are licensed and can be used.

        Note: If productName is "ScaleViz" and ScaleViz is licensed on this machine. Then the return value is the number of render nodes allowed.

      • getLicensedProductByIndex

        public SoLicensedProduct getLicensedProductByIndex​(int index)
        Gets the licensed product corresponding to the given index. If the given index is greater than the value returned by getProductCount(), the method returns NULL.
      • getLicensingVersionNumber

        public static float getLicensingVersionNumber()
        Returns current version number for license checking. See method check.

        If you need a descriptive string see getVersion. If you just need the version number as an integer or string, see the macros in SoVersion.h.

      • getProductCount

        public int getProductCount()
        Gets number of licensed products.
      • getVersion

        public static java.lang.String getVersion()
        Returns a character string identifying the version of the Open Inventor library in use. For example: "" for the 9.4 release.

        For a floating point version number see getLicensingVersionNumber.