Class SoTabBoxManip

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    public class SoTabBoxManip
    extends SoTransformManip
    Transform node with 3D Interface for editing scale and translation. SoTabBoxManip is derived from SoTransform (by way of SoTransformManip). When its fields change, nodes following it in the scene graph scale, and/or translate.

    As a subclass of SoTransformManip, this manip also has a 3D interface to edit some of its fields. In this case, the interface edits the scaleFactor and translation fields.

    A manipulator differs from a dragger. When you move a dragger, no other nodes are affected. When you move an SoTransformManip, other nodes move along with it. (See the reference page for SoTransformManip.)

    The interface for an SoTabBoxManip is exactly the same as that of the SoTabBoxDragger. But note that SoTabBoxManip changes the default SoTabBoxDragger line color to a brighter gray.

    • Clicking and dragging a corner tab does a 2D scaling in the plane of the tab by scaling about the opposite corner of that face of the dragger.
      Note: Holding the SHIFT key while dragging a corner tab forces uniform scaling.
    • Clicking and dragging an edge tab does 1D scaling about the opposite edge of that face.
    • Clicking and dragging a face does translation within the plane of the face. Although the face of the dragger is invisible (using the default dragger geometry) it is pickable.
      Note: Holding the SHIFT key while dragging a face forces axis constrained dragging. The drag axis is determined by the initial drag direction.

    To find out how the manipulator uses a dragger to provide its interface, see the reference page for SoTransformManip.

    On screen, this manip will surround the objects influenced by its motion. This is because it turns on the surroundScale part of the dragger (See the reference page for SoSurroundScale)

    File format/default:

    TabBoxManip {

      translation 0 0 0
      rotation 0 0 1 0
      scaleFactor 1 1 1
      scaleOrientation 0 0 1 0
      center 0 0 0

    See Also:
    SoCenterballManip, SoHandleBoxManip, SoJackManip, SoTabBoxDragger, SoTrackballManip, SoTransformBoxManip, SoTransformerManip, SoTransform, SoTransformManip
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        public SoTabBoxManip()