Class SoImageBackground

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    public class SoImageBackground
    extends SoBackground
    Image background node. Draws a background image.

    This node provides a convenient way of rendering an image in the background of the scene. The position options like LOWER_LEFT can be used, for example, to place a logo in the corner of the window. The STRETCH and TILE options cause the image to fill the window and automatically adjust if the window size changes.

    Note that the SoImage node can also be used to place an image in the scene, but the position of the image is specified in 3D coordinates. This node positions images relative to the physical drawing window.

    Generally background nodes should be placed at the beginning of the scene graph so that geometry is drawn on top of the background. Background nodes have no size, are not pickable, and do not modify the OpenGL depth buffer.

    Another convenient feature is that this node renders correctly on a tiled display that represents a single large virtual window, for example using the MultiPipe extension (see SoXtMPExaminerViewer). The image will be stretched or tiled across the entire virtual window.

    File format/default:

    ImageBackground {

      filename ""
      image 0 0 0 0
      style TILE

    Action behavior:

    Renders background, does not affect state.

    See Also:
    SoBackground, SoGradientBackground
    • Field Detail

      • filename

        public final SoSFFilePathString filename
        Names file from which to read texture image. The standard image file formats are supported. See SoRasterImageRW for the list. If the filename is not an absolute path name, the list of directories maintained by SoInput is searched. If the texture is not found in any of those directories, then the file is searched for relative to the directory from which the node was read. For example, if a node with a filename of "../tofu.rgb" is read from /usr/people/bob/models/food.iv, then /usr/people/bob/tofu.rgb will be read (assuming tofu.rgb isn't found in the directories maintained by SoInput).
      • image

        public final SoSFImage image
        Contains an in-memory representation of the texture map. It is either the contents of the file read from filename, an image read directly from an Open Inventor file, or an image set programmatically using the methods provided by SoSFImage.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoImageBackground

        public SoImageBackground()
        Creates a background image node with default settings.