Interface IRenderAreaInteractive

    • Method Detail

      • setClippingPlanesAdjustMode

        void setClippingPlanesAdjustMode​(IRenderAreaInteractive.ClippingPlanesAdjustMode mode)
        Set the camera clipping planes adjustment mode.
        When adjustment mode is set to AUTO, the camera near and far planes are dynamically adjusted to be as tight as possible (least amount of stuff is clipped) before each render traversal.
        When adjustment mode is set to MANUAL, the user is expected to manually set those planes. Updating clipping planes after a camera move is not enough, if a dragger or a rendered shape is moved, they can disappear or become partially clipped.
        Default is AUTO.
      • getRootSceneGraph

        SceneInteractor getRootSceneGraph()
        As of Open Inventor 10.5.0, use getSceneInteractor() instead.
        Gets the root scene graph of this render area.
        the root scene graph
      • getSceneInteractor

        SceneInteractor getSceneInteractor()
        Gets the root scene graph of this render area.
        the root scene graph
      • viewAll

        void viewAll​(SbViewportRegion viewport)
        Set the camera to view all the scene.
        viewport - the viewport region used to compute the bounding box of the scene.
      • viewAxis

        void viewAxis​(SbVec3f direction,
                      SbVec3f up)
        Moves the camera to be aligned with the given direction vector while keeping the "up" direction of the camera parallel to the specified up vector.
        direction - the new view direction vector
        up - the new "up" direction
      • saveCamera

        void saveCamera()
        Save current camera. The values of the camera fields are saved and can be restored by calling restoreCamera().
      • restoreCamera

        void restoreCamera()
        Restore saved camera. The values of the camera fields are restored to the last saved values.
      • setCameraType

        void setCameraType​(SceneInteractor.CameraMode mode)
        Set camera mode to perspective or orthographic.
        mode - the camera mode: perspective or orthographic
      • isStereoSupported

        boolean isStereoSupported()
        Gets stereo support.
        true if stereo is supported
      • setStereoCameraOffset

        void setStereoCameraOffset​(float offset)
        Sets the stereo offset (the distance of each eye from the camera position). The right eye is moved plus offset and the left eye is moved minus offset.
        offset - the stereo offset
      • setStereoCameraBalance

        void setStereoCameraBalance​(float balance)
        Sets the stereo balance (the position of the zero parallax plane).
        balance - the stereo balance