Class Magnifier

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    public class Magnifier
    extends SoTranslate2Dragger
    (Preview Feature) Shape node to display a magnified view of a region of the screen.

    Preview Feature means this class is fully supported and can be used in Open Inventor applications. Being tagged as a Preview Feature just means that the implementation is still subject to API changes and adjustments based on feedback from early adopters. Please be also aware that source compatibility might be broken regardless of the Open Inventor compatibility changes policy due to our commitment to bring needed changes to be sure the specifications of this Preview Feature match the expectations of our customers.

    This node displays a circular magnified (zoomed in) view of the screen region under the center of the circle. The magnifier is an SoTranslate2Dragger so the user can click and drag to move it around the screen.


    • Can only be used in a "2D" viewing environment using an SoOrthographicCamera.
      For example viewing a single slice of a medical volume.
    • Can only be used with the default camera orientation (looking toward -Z).

    File format/default:

    Magnifier {

      sceneToMagnify NULL
      magnifierColor 0 0.6 0
      magnifierFactor 50
    See Also:
    DicomInfo, Gnomon, Ruler
    • Field Detail

      • sceneToMagnify

        public SoSFNode sceneToMagnify
        Specifies the root node of the scene that will be magnified. Default is null.
      • magnifierColor

        public SoSFColor magnifierColor
        Specifies the color of the border around the magnifier. Default is 0,0.6,0 (green).
      • magnifierFactor

        public SoSFFloat magnifierFactor
        Specifies the magnification factor. Default is 50. Technically speaking this field specifies the value to set in the height field of the magnifier's camera.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Magnifier

        public Magnifier()