Class PbDefinedValue

  • public class PbDefinedValue
    extends Inventor
    Class used to manage "defined" and "undefined" values. This class manages "defined" and "undefined" values. By default, it assumes that all mesh nodes are "defined" and that the value used to indicate an "undefined" value is 0.0.

    In order to change this default behavior, this class must be subclassed by overriding operator()() and/or getUndef().

    Undefined values are used when applying a "data mapping". See PbDataMapping and PbDataMapping.setMinThreshold() or PbDataMapping.setMaxThreshold().

    • Constructor Detail

      • PbDefinedValue

        public PbDefinedValue()
        Default constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • getUndef

        public float getUndef​(int set_index)
        The default instance of PbDefinedValue always returns 0.0, the default float value used to indicate an "undefined" value. This float value is used by MeshViz to set a node's value to something that means "undefined". This method should be overridden (by subclassing) if the application wants a value other than 0.0 to indicate an "undefined" value.