Class PoMesh2D

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    PoMesh2DVec, PoMeshContouring, PoMeshFilled, PoMeshLimit, PoMeshLines, PoMeshSides

    public class PoMesh2D
    extends PoMesh
    Base class for all surface mesh representations. Representations of surface mesh use either the z-coordinate of the geometry of the mesh, or one of the scalar data set of the mesh which allow representation with elevation of 2D geometry mesh. The index of the scalar data set is defined by the field zValuesIndex.
    • Field Detail

      • zValuesIndex

        public final SoSFShort zValuesIndex
        Defines the index of the set of values used by a representation as a z-coordinate of each mesh node (-1 by default). If zValuesIndex = -1, the representation uses the z-coordinates of the current surface mesh's geometry.
    • Method Detail

      • getMesh

        public PbMesh2D getMesh()
        Gets the current surface mesh.
        getMesh in class PoMesh
      • setMesh

        public void setMesh​(PbMesh2D mesh)
        Defines the current surface mesh. See PoMesh for explanation about the current mesh.