Class PbMesh2D

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    PbGrid2D, PbIndexedMesh2D

    public class PbMesh2D
    extends PbMesh
    Defines an abstract surface mesh. A surface mesh is made of polygonal cells that define a 2D or 3D surface. The topology of this mesh is either regular (see derived class PbGrid2D) or irregular (see derived class PbIndexedMesh2D).
    • Method Detail

      • addVecsSet

        public void addVecsSet​(int set_index,
                               SbVec2f[] val)
        Calls addVecsSet(set_index, val, "").
      • addVecsSet

        public void addVecsSet​(int set_index,
                               SbVec2f[] val,
                               java.lang.String setName)
        Adds a set of 2D vectors on the mesh. set_index is the index of the set. Note that even if the isDataDuplicated field is false, this set of 2D vectors is always duplicated in a PbMesh2D object. If you do not want to duplicate your vectors set, you must set is_data_duplicated to false in your mesh constructor and use the method PbMesh.addVecsSet().
      • getFaultMesh

        public PbMesh2D getFaultMesh​(int num_fault_lines,
                                     int[] fault_line_sizes,
                                     SbVec3f[] coord)
        Same as calling getFaultMesh(num_fault_lines, fault_line_sizes, coord,PbMesh2D.USE_ADJACENT_DERIVS, PbDefinedValue())
      • get2DBoundingBox

        public SbBox2f get2DBoundingBox()
        Gets the 2D mesh's bounding box.