Class PoStreamLineMotion

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    public class PoStreamLineMotion
    extends PoStreamParticleMotion
    Representation of streamlines with motion of colors. Class to visualize streamlines on a mesh, with a motion of color on the lines that simulates a animation of particles. Each line is drawn with only 2 colors : lineColor is the background color of the streamline, and particleColor is the color of some parts of the line that move during visualization. The field PoMesh.coloringType and PoMesh.valuesIndex are not used by this class.

    File format/default:

    PoStreamLineMotion {

      lineWidth 2.0
      lineColor SbColor(0.0,0.0,0.4)
      particleColor SbColor(0.0,0.9,0.9)
      pulseFrequency 5
      shiftStart 0.0
      timeStep 1.0
      isStartRandomized true
      isBlinking true
      viewFrame 0
      blinkSpeed 3.0
      valuesIndex -1
      coloringType COLOR_INHERITED
      vecsIndex -1
      valuesIndexForCellFilter -1
      moduleDataMapping NULL
      startPoints SbVec3f(0,0,0)
      maxLifetime 0 (i.e. infinite)
      maxLength 0 (i.e. infinite)
      minSpeed 0 (i.e. infinite)
      integrationStepLengthFactor 0.3
      integrationMaxStepNumber 0 (i.e. infinite)
      integrationDirection FORWARD
      colors (SbColor(1,0,0)

    <HTML> <HEAD> <link REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" HREF="../../stylesheet.css" TITLE="Style"> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> <META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Mozilla/4.03 [en] (X11; I; HP-UX A.09.07 9000/715) [Netscape]"> </HEAD> <BODY> <H4> <A NAME="Heading982"></A>CATALOG PARTS</H4> <UL><B>PoStreamLineMotion</B> {</UL> <UL> <UL><B>Separator</B> <TT>alternateRep</TT> (from PoBase) {</UL> </UL> <UL> <UL> <UL><B>AppearanceKit</B> <TT>appearance</TT> (from PoBase)</UL> </UL> </UL> <UL> <UL> <UL><I>Specifies the appearance of all the kit. By default lightModel.model=BASE_COLOR. material.diffuseColor is set when the kit is rebuilt, if the field coloringType is different from COLOR_INHERITED.</I></UL> </UL> </UL> <UL> <UL> <UL><B>MatrixTransform</B> <TT>domainTransform</TT> (from PoBase)</UL> </UL> </UL> <UL> <UL> <UL><I>Corresponds to the domain transformation.</I></UL> </UL> </UL> <UL> <UL> <UL><B>Group</B> groupStreamLineMotion</UL> </UL> </UL> <UL> <UL> <UL><I>Contains a SoMaterialBinding, a SoDrawStyle, a SoCoordinate3, a SoBlinker node and a SoLineSet node. The SoBlinker node contains NF SoGroup nodes called frame_group, where NF = pulseFrequency. Each frame_group contains a SoMaterial node.</I></UL> </UL> </UL> <UL> <UL>}</UL> </UL> <UL>}</UL> <UL> <UL>&nbsp;</UL> </UL> </BODY> </HTML>

    • Field Detail

      • lineWidth

        public final SoSFFloat lineWidth
        Convenience field to set the width line attribute of each streamline drawn. 2.0 by default.
      • lineColor

        public final SoSFColor lineColor
        Color of each streamlines. SbColor(0.0,0.0,0.4) by default.
      • particleColor

        public final SoSFColor particleColor
        Color of the particles that move along the streamline. SbColor(0.0,0.9,0.9).
    • Constructor Detail

      • PoStreamLineMotion

        public PoStreamLineMotion()