Class PoStreamSphereMotion

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    public class PoStreamSphereMotion
    extends PoStreamParticleMotion
    Animation of sphere particles along streamline. This class realizes animation as described in PoStreamParticleMotion. A sphere of which radius is sphereRadius represents each particle.

    File format/default:

    PoStreamSphereMotion {

      sphereRadius 1.0
      pulseFrequency 5
      shiftStart 0.0
      timeStep 1.0
      isStartRandomized true
      isBlinking true
      viewFrame 0
      blinkSpeed 3.0
      startPoints SbVec3f(0,0,0)
      maxLifetime 0 (i.e. infinite)
      maxLength 0 (i.e. infinite)
      minSpeed 0 (i.e. infinite)
      integrationStepLengthFactor 0.3
      integrationMaxStepNumber 0 (i.e. infinite)
      integrationDirection FORWARD
      colors (SbColor(1,0,0)
      coloringType COLOR_INHERITED
      valuesIndex -1
      valuesIndexForCellFilter -1
      vecsIndex -1
      moduleDataMapping NULL

    <HTML> <HEAD> <link REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" HREF="../../stylesheet.css" TITLE="Style"> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> <META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Mozilla/4.03 [en] (X11; I; HP-UX A.09.07 9000/715) [Netscape]"> </HEAD> <BODY> <H4> <A NAME="Heading982"></A>CATALOG PARTS</H4> <UL><B>PoStreamSphereMotion</B> {</UL> <UL> <UL><B>Separator</B> <TT>alternateRep</TT> (from PoBase) {</UL> </UL> <UL> <UL> <UL><B>AppearanceKit</B> <TT>appearance</TT> (from PoBase)</UL> </UL> </UL> <UL> <UL> <UL><I>Specifies the appearance of all the kit. By default lightModel.model=PHONG. material.diffuseColor is set when the kit is rebuilt, if the field coloringType is different from COLOR_INHERITED.</I></UL> </UL> </UL> <UL> <UL> <UL><B>MatrixTransform</B> <TT>domainTransform</TT> (from PoBase)</UL> </UL> </UL> <UL> <UL> <UL><I>Corresponds to the domain transformation.</I></UL> </UL> </UL> <UL> <UL> <UL><B>Group</B><TT> groupStreamSphereMotion</TT></UL> </UL> </UL> <UL> <UL> <UL><I>Contains a SoMaterialBinding and a SoBlinker node. The SoBlinker node contains NF SoGroup nodes called frame_group, where NF = pulseFrequency. Each frame_group contains NL SoGroup nodes called line_group, where NL is the number of streamlines (if each start point is inside the mesh, NL= startPoints.getNum()). Each line_group contains a list of SoMaterial, and SoTransformSeparator. Each SoTransformSeparator contains a SoTransform and a SoSphere.</I> <BR>&nbsp; <BR>&nbsp;</UL> </UL> </UL> <UL> <UL>}</UL> </UL> <UL>}</UL> <UL> <UL>&nbsp;</UL> </UL> </BODY> </HTML>

    • Field Detail

      • sphereRadius

        public final SoSFFloat sphereRadius
        Defines the radius of each sphere drawn. 1.0 by default.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PoStreamSphereMotion

        public PoStreamSphereMotion()