Class PbBase

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    PbCell, PbDataMapping, PbDateFormatMapping, PbDomain, PbIsovaluesList, PbMesh, PbMiscTextAttr, PbNumericDisplayFormat

    public class PbBase
    extends Inventor
    Abstract class for all basic objects. Abstract class for all basic objects. This class handles a connection mechanism with PoBase objects. Each instance of this class maintains a list of PoBase objects. So when an instance of this class is modified, the list of PoBase objects is informed of this change, and thus, they can update themselves. For more information about the connection mechanism, see the section "Connection mechanism" of the paragraph "What you must know" of the reference manual. The constructor per copy and the assignment operator of any Pbxxx object do not copy the reference to Poxxx objects. This restriction prevents several Pbxxx objects (of the same class) from referencing the same Poxxx object.
    • Method Detail

      • touch

        public void touch()
        Simulates the changing of an instance of this object, so all connected objects are informed of this change.
      • isConnectionEnabled

        public boolean isConnectionEnabled()
        Returns true if the connection mechanism is active, otherwise false.
      • enableConnection

        public void enableConnection​(boolean flag)
        Activates/deactivates the mechanism of connection. If the mechanism is deactivated, the list of connected objects does not change, but the connected objects are not informed of any change.