Class PbDateFormatMapping

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    public class PbDateFormatMapping
    extends PbBase
    implements java.lang.Cloneable
    Defines the date format and mapping. This class is used to define date input format and association between dates and coordinates (date mapping).

    Date format is defined by a string of characters consisting of only the following letters: ",',h,H, d,D, m,M, y,Y

         "        the date includes a number of seconds defined by a float
                  or integer value
         '        the date includes a number of minutes in 1 or 2 characters
         h or H   the date includes an hour in 2 characters
         D        the date includes a day of the week in 3 characters
         d        the date includes a day of the month in 2 characters
         M        the date includes the month defined by its first 4 letters
         m        the date includes the number of the month in 2 characters
         Y        the date includes the year in 4 characters
         y        the date includes the year in the 20th century in 2 characters
                  (the last 2)
    The date format is as follows

    ["] ['] [H | h] [d] [D] [m | M] [y | Y] in any order.

    The format may include the letters ", ', H or h (exclusive), d, and D, m or M (exclusive), and y or Y (exclusive), but these letters may be in any order. Each letter may only be used once. If the format is incorrect, an error message is generated and the current date format is not modified.


         date format      input date       date obtained
         Ddmy             TUE-10-03-92     Tuesday 10 March 1992
         Ddmy             TUE/10 03 92     Tuesday 10 March 1992
         ymd              92/03/10         10 March 1992
         Ymd              1992.03.10       10 March 1992
         dh               10-23            11 p.m. on the 10th
         Y                1992             1992
         MdY              SEPT.23.1992     23 September 1992
    • days, months and years may be separated by any number of separating characters (any non-alphanumerical character).
    • Graph Master always checks the day of the week in relation to the number of days in the month. If the day does not correspond to the number, Graph Master corrects it.
    • Graph Master checks the number of the day in the month. If this number is greater than the number of days in that month, Graph Master only takes the last day of the month (taking leap years into account for the month of February)
    • Constructor Detail

      • PbDateFormatMapping

        public PbDateFormatMapping​(java.lang.String date1,
                                   java.lang.String date2,
                                   float coord1,
                                   float coord2)
        Calls PbDateFormatMapping(date1, date2, coord1, coord2, (java.lang.String)null).
      • PbDateFormatMapping

        public PbDateFormatMapping​(java.lang.String date1,
                                   java.lang.String date2,
                                   float coord1,
                                   float coord2,
                                   java.lang.String format)
      • PbDateFormatMapping

        public PbDateFormatMapping()
        Default constructor.
      • PbDateFormatMapping

        public PbDateFormatMapping​(PbDateFormatMapping dateFormatMap)
        Copy constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • clone

        public java.lang.Object clone()
      • getFormat

        public java.lang.String getFormat()
        Gets the format for dates.
      • setDateMapping

        public int setDateMapping​(java.lang.String date1,
                                  java.lang.String date2,
                                  float coord1,
                                  float coord2)
        Defines an association between dates and coordinates (date mapping). The dates must be in the same format as defined by the method setFormat(). 0 is returned, if the mapping is correct, 1 if the date1 is incorrect, 2 if the date2 is incorrect, and 3 if date1 and date2 are identical. By default date1 is equal to "1-01-70", date2 is equal to "2-01-70", coord1 is equal to 0 and coord2 is equal to 1. 0 is return if the mapping of dates is correct 1 if the first date is incorrect 2 if the second date is incorrect 3 if date1 == date2
      • setFormat

        public int setFormat​(java.lang.String format)
        Set the format for dates. 0 is return if the format is correct, otherwise the number of the first incorrect character in the format (begin at 1). The default format is "dmy".
      • getCoordinate

        public float getCoordinate​(java.lang.String date)
        Returns the coordinate associated to a date according to date mapping. false is returned, if the format of the date is incorrect.