Class PoCircleCenterRadius

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    public class PoCircleCenterRadius
    extends PoCircle
    Class to build a 2D circle. This class builds a circle in the plane XY. The circle is defined by its center and its radius.

    File format/default:

    PoCircleCenterRadius {

      center 0 0
      radius 1

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML//EN"> <html> <head> <link REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" HREF="../../stylesheet.css" TITLE="Style"> <title></title> </head> <BODY> <h1></h1> <h4> <A NAME="Heading274">CATALOG PARTS</A></h4> <ul><b>PoCircleCenterRadius</b> {</ul> <ul><ul><b>Separator</b> <tt>alternateRep</tt> (from PoBase) {<br> </ul></ul> <ul><ul><ul><b>AppearanceKit</b> <tt>appearance</tt> (from PoBase)</ul></ul></ul> <ul><ul><ul><i>Specifies the appearance of all the kit. By default lightModel.model=BASE_COLOR.</i></ul></ul></ul> <ul><ul><ul><b>MatrixTransform</b> <tt>domainTransform</tt> (from PoBase)</ul></ul></ul> <ul><ul><ul><i>Corresponds to the domain transformation.</i></ul></ul></ul> <ul><ul><ul><ul></ul></ul></ul></ul> <ul><ul><ul><b>Group</b> <tt>circle </tt>(from PoCircle)</ul></ul></ul> <ul><ul><ul><i>Contains a SoFaceSet shape to draw the circle.</i></ul></ul></ul> <ul><ul>}</ul></ul> <ul>}</ul> <ul><ul><br> </ul></ul> </body> </html>

    • Field Detail

      • center

        public final SoSFVec2f center
        Circle center. (0,0) by default.
      • radius

        public final SoSFFloat radius
        Circle radius. 1 by default.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PoCircleCenterRadius

        public PoCircleCenterRadius​(SbVec2f _center,
                                    float _radius)
      • PoCircleCenterRadius

        public PoCircleCenterRadius()
        Default constructor.