Class PoMesh1DHints

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    public class PoMesh1DHints
    extends PoNode
    Node that provides hints about the mesh 1D. This nodes defines the current hints for the current mesh 1D (PoIrregularMesh1D or PoRegularMesh1D). All subsequent representations (heriting from PoChart) use these hints for their computation. The first hint supplied is geomInterpretation which defines how the geometry of the current mesh 1D is interpreted. For instance choosing SMOOTH as interpretation, means that all subsequent representations will interpret the geometry of the current mesh 1D as smoothed (by a cubic spline) points (A cubic spline is computed from the current mesh 1D geometry passing all points, and this spline is used by the subsequent repres).

    File format/default:

    PoMesh1DHints {

      geomInterpretation AS_IS