Class PoNumericDisplayFormat

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    public class PoNumericDisplayFormat
    extends PoNode
    Node to define the numeric display format. This node defines the current numeric display format for all subsequent MeshViz representations which display numeric values. This node is used to define the numerical display format of mumerical values to be displayed. There are three formats available: automatic format, floating point format, integer format. The automatic format selects the best format adapted to the domain of values to be displayed. The floating point format and the integer format divide the numerical value to be displayed by the power of ten, and then display it in the selected format.

    File format/default:

    PoNumericDisplayFormat {

      formatType AUTO_FORMAT
      numDecimal 0
      tenPower 0
    • Field Detail

      • numDecimal

        public final SoSFShort numDecimal
        Defines the number of decimals placed after the decimal point. Used only if the format is FLOAT_FORMAT.
      • tenPower

        public final SoSFShort tenPower
        Defines the power of ten divisor. Unused if the format is AUTO_FORMAT.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PoNumericDisplayFormat

        public PoNumericDisplayFormat()