Class MxQuadrangleCellExtract

  • public class MxQuadrangleCellExtract
    extends MxCellExtract
    Utility class for quadrangle cells.

    Utility class that provides a static implementation of MiSurfaceCell 's methods for a quadrangle cell. This class is provided to make easier the creation of a class that implements the MiSurfaceCell interface for a quadrangle cell.

    Localization test
    See isPointInsideCell(MiGeometryI, MiSurfaceCell, double[], double[])

    The following image shows the node numbering and the face numbering used by this class.

    Nodes and faces numbering

    Nodes and faces numbering

    • Method Detail

      • getLongestEdgeLength

        public static double getLongestEdgeLength​(MiGeometryI meshGeometry,
                                                  MiSurfaceCell cell)
        Gets the longest edge of a quadrangle cell.
        meshGeometry - the geometry of the mesh
        cell - the input cell
        the longest edge of the specified cell
      • isPointInsideCell

        public static boolean isPointInsideCell​(MiGeometryI meshGeometry,
                                                MiSurfaceCell cell,
                                                double[] point,
                                                double[] weights)
        Checks if a point is inside or outside a quadrangle cell.

        This static method helps to implement the method MiCell.isPointInsideCell(MiGeometryI, double[], double[]) for a quadrangle cell.

        meshGeometry - the geometry of the mesh
        cell - the input cell.
        point - the input point given in the same space coordinate as meshGeometry
        weights - the array into which the weight values are to be stored. This method computes the 4 values weights[0-3] if the point is inside the cell. It assumes the weights array has been already allocated. Its size must be set to 4 (at least) before calling this method
        true if the point is inside the cell