Class MxTetrahedronCellExtract

  • public class MxTetrahedronCellExtract
    extends MxCellExtract
    Utility class for tetrahedron cells.

    Utility class that provides a static implementation of MiVolumeCell 's methods for a tetrahedron cell. This class is provided to make easier the creation of a class that implements the MiVolumeCell interface for a tetrahedron cell.

    The following image shows the node numbering and the face numbering used by this class. The isosurface topology ( getIsosurfTopology ) is defined according to this node numbering.

    Nodes and faces numbering

    Nodes and faces numbering

    • Method Detail

      • isPointInsideCell

        public static boolean isPointInsideCell​(MiGeometryI meshGeometry,
                                                MiVolumeCell tetrahedronCell,
                                                double[] point,
                                                double[] weights)
        Checks if a point is inside or outside a tetrahedron cell.

        This static method helps to implement the method MiCell.isPointInsideCell(MiGeometryI, double[], double[]) for a tetrahedron cell.

        meshGeometry - the geometry of the mesh
        tetrahedronCell - the input cell.
        point - the input point given in the same space coordinate as meshGeometry
        weights - the array into which the weight values are to be stored. This method computes the 4 values weights[0-3] if the point is inside the cell. It assumes the weights array has been already allocated. Its size must be set to 4 (at least) before calling this method
        true if the point is inside the cell
      • getLongestEdgeLength

        public static double getLongestEdgeLength​(MiGeometryI meshGeometry,
                                                  MiVolumeCell cell)
        Gets the longest edge of a tetrahedron cell.
        meshGeometry - the geometry of the mesh
        cell - the input cell
        the longest edge of the specified cell
      • getIsosurfTopology

        public static int[] getIsosurfTopology​(int caseId,
                                               int[] edges)
        Returns the isosurface topology of the associated case Id.

        This method can be used in the getIsosurfTopology implementation of an tetrahedron cell interface to return the information to the isosurface extraction module.

        caseId - the isosurf "marching cube" entry for the cell
        edges - The array into which the isosurface topology is to be stored: array of node indices ordered by pair defining an edge, polygons are separated by MxMeshViz.END_LIST, the end of the topology definition is indicated by a pair of MxMeshViz.END_LIST.
        The array into which the isosurface topology is stored.
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if the caseId > 0x0F